Pratishta Dinam 2018 on 28 March at Ambalavattam Temple

Ambalavattam Temple, Thalassery, Kerala, India, Deeparadhana, uasatish, Pratishta Dinam; pooja;
Deeparadhana in Ambalavattam Temple

Ambalavattam Temple will celebrate Pratishta Dinam on 28 March 2018, as is customary. This falls on a Wednesday. Pooja begins early in the morning and continues till night.

Annadanam is scheduled to commence at noon. Family members and people from the neighbourhood will attend.

We will observe Saktheya Pooja and Akathu Vachu Kodukkal on 27 March. Detaile programme will be available soon.

Ambalavattam Temple; Thalassery; Kerala; India; Pratishta Dinam; pooja; uasatish;
Pooja in Progress

Last year, Pratishta Dinam happened to be on a Tuesday. It was also a working day. In spite of that, a large number of family members from far and near participated in the celebrations. This year we hope that the turn-out of devotees will be even more at Ambalavattam Temple.

A special invitation goes out to young members of the family too to come and attend the pooja on Pratishta Dinam.

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