Pratishta Dinam 2024 Ambalavattam Temple Thalassery

Pratishta Dinam 2024; Ambalavattam Temple; Thalassery; Kerala; temple; uasatish; Kalasha Pooja;
Pratishta Dinam 2024 celebrations took place on 28 March as is the annual practice over the years. Family members travelled to Thalassery from different parts of Kerala and outside. The temple had beautiful decorations of flowers. Colourful lights illuminated it at night.

Floral Decorations; Tellicherry; Temple; uasatish;
Floral Decorations

Sri Thirumangalath Satheeshan Namboothiri conducted the pooja ceremonies. He had able assistance from Sri Muralidharan Shanthy. In the morning session. pooja began at 6:00am and ended at 12:00 noon. In the evening, pooja rituals were conducted from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Early in the morning, floral decorations of the previous day were taken out. Abhishekam of the deities then took place, For this, poojaris use the sacred water from temple well. After Abhishekam at 6:00 am, poojari adorned the deity with flower garlands. This is known as the poochaarthal. We later witnessed Ganapathy Homam.

Significance of Kalasha Pooja

The kalasham or kumbham holds profound significance in Hindu rituals. It represents the concepts of abundance, prosperity and spiritual purity. The thantri fills the kalasham with water from the temple well. The water within the kalasham symbolises the divine energy which sustains all life.  Afterwards, the priests invoke the presiding deity. The thanthri sanctifies the water with Sanskrit mantras and performs abhishekam inside the sanctum. A Kumbhabhishekam is a consecration ritual for a Hindu temple. This puja is offered for the prosperity of the entire family.

Naga Pooja; uasatish; Thalassery; Ambalavattam Temple;
Naga Pooja

Naga Pooja

Thantri performed Noorum Palum for the Naga Devas at the Nagasthanam. It is an important pooja to get relief from various kinds of Sarpa Dosha, Rahu Dosha and Kala Sarpa Yoga.

The Lunch

Prasanna and Commodore Suresh had sponsored the lunch to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was a sadya on banana leaves and included a number of delicious items. Two types of payasam were also on offer.

Family Meeting

After lunch, everyone present assembled in front of the temple for a family meeting. They learnt that the ancestral house is visibly in need of urgent repairs. The work has not taken off due to a cash crunch. Hopefully Ambalavattam family members will be able to collect finances to execute the initial work.

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