Contributions to Ambalavattam Temple

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The new Ambalavattam Temple complex was built entirely with liberal donations from family members. Most of them  have been subsequently making voluntary contributions year after year.
It is suggested by the Trustees that regular offerings, on a monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly/ yearly basis, are welcome. The money will be utilised for daily maintenance of the temple. A minimum amount of Rs.1,200 per year from each family will be appreciated. This is as proposed in the family get-together held at Ambalavattam Temple on 28 March 2017.
Many from the family have been bestowing substantially larger sums. It is expected that they will continue to do so.
Some of you may wish to register standing instructions with your  banks to remit  timely donations directly to the bank account of Ambalavattam Temple Trust. Payments will be accepted in Indian rupees only to comply with government regulations.
For more information, please contact Sri A.K. Umanath on mobile number +91 94 46 253330. Email:

3 thoughts on “Contributions to Ambalavattam Temple”

  1. K. V. Sitaram

    I am arranging to register Standing Instruction with my bank for monthluy payments to Amb. Temple Ttust account.
    Babu has given the bank details in previous notices on Navaratri and other pujas. I therefore feel that there should not be any problem in mentioning the relevant info. in your message to family members.

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