Naga Pooja 2021 at Ambalavattam Temple

Ambalavattam Temple; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; pooja; devi idol; uasatish;

Naga Pooja 2021 was performed at Ambalavattam Temple, Thalassery on Sunday 5 September 2021. This conforms to Ayilyam nakshatram on 20 Chingam 1197 of the Malayalam calendar. We paid close attention to the  the Coronavirus restrictions. Family members and people from the neighbourhood participated in Naga Pooja 2021. We celebrate naga pooja each year.

Pratishta Dinam 2021 at Ambalavattam Temple

uasatish; Pratishta Dinam 2021; Ambalavattam Temple Thalassery; uasatish;

Pratishta Dinam 2021 regained much of the customery vigour although the country has not completely got out of the grips of Covid 19. However the situation had improved significantly over last year as much of the restrictions have been eased.

Naga Pooja 2019 at Ambalavattam Temple

Naga Pratishta; Ambalavattam Temple; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; uasatish; Naga Pooja 2019;

Naga Pooja 2019 will be  on 29 August 2019 Thursday at Ambalavattam Temple. The date corresponds to Ayilyam asterism in the Malayalam month of Chingam.

Pratishta Dinam 2016

The annual Pratishta Dinam will be celebrated as usual on 28 March. Saktheya Pooja will be on 27 March. The detailed programme is as shown below. We are this year celebrating the twelfth anniversay