Ambalavattam Naga Pooja on 29 August 2019


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Ambalavattam Naga Pooja was on 29 August 2019. Sarpa Bali and Noorum Palum were the two poojas. Family members and other devotees attended.

Naga Pooja 2019; Ambalavattam Temple; Thalassery; Kerala; Naga Pooja; uasatish; Ambalavattam Naga Pooja;
Noorum Palum

Ambalavattam Naga Pooja and Noorum Palum

Noorum Palum is a special pooja to appease Nagaraja and Nagayakshi. It is a mixture of turmeric, tender coconut water and arecanut flowers. The main ceremony in Noorum Palum consists of bathing Naga Raja and Naga Yakshi in milk mixed with rice powder. Afterwards the idols get a sprinkling of turmeric powder. By offering Noorum Palum, we ward off Sarpa Dosham and Rahu Dosham.

Naga Pratishta; Ambalavattam Temple; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; uasatish; Naga Pooja 2019;
Naga Pratishta

Noorum Palum began at 6:00 om and concluded at 7:00 pm.

Sarpa Bali

Naga dosham is the curse of Naga. The origin of Naga dosham can result from causing distress to Nagas. Another aspect of sarpa dosham  is associated with actions which harm the earth, like cutting of plants and trees. Naga dosham triggers health problems like white patches on skin, eye diseases and other incurable diseases. Other undesirable outcomes of sarpa dosham include belated marriage or pregnancy, handicapped or disabled birth and disputes among family members.


Sarpa Bali is the most sacred of the poojas for Naga deities. Tantris undergo high penance to conduct it. On the day of Aayilyam nakshatram, the tantri draws a colourful Nagakalam on the floor using coloured powders. The priests offer prayers to appease naga gods. This will dispel the bad effects of Sarpa Dosham. The pooja is carried out after the Athazha pooja at night.

Sri Thirumangalath Satheeshan Namboothiri conducted the pooja, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. He had able assistance from Sri Muralidharan Shanthy.

Family Members

Family members from Thalassery and elsewhere attended Ambalavattam Naga Pooja. This year also the temple has got contributions from many trustees and family members. They all deserve a big thank you.

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