Photographs of Ambalavattam Devi Temple

I had visited Ambalavattam Devi Temple recently. There were no worshippers as it was a weekday and I reached there after 10:30 am. I took the opportunity to click a few photographs while I waited for

Navarathri Pooja at Ambalavattam Temple

Greetings on Vijaya Dashami to all members of Ambalavattam family . Navarathri Pooja has been celebrated at Ambalavattam Temple with great enthusiasm. The photos were

Naga Pooja at Ambalavattam Temple

Naga Pooja was carried out at Ambalavattam Temple on 21 August 2017. The details were announced in the previous post on 31 July. According to Malayalam

Naga Pooja on 21 August 2017

As announced on 19 June, Naga Pooja will be conducted at Ambalavattam Temple on Monday 21 August 2017. Noorum Palum will be the pooja

Punapratishta Dinam 28 March

Punapratishta Dinam was celebrated with much fervour at Ambalavattam Temple on 28 March. It was a Tuesday and a working day. Many family members still made it

Navarathri Pooja 2016

Navarathri Pooja was performed from 2 to 11 October at Ambalavattam Temple. Pooja timings were

Naga Pooja 2016

Naga Pooja was performed on 9 September 2016 (1192  Chingamasam 24) under the leadership of

Fifth Day’s Pooja – 8 September

The pooja on fifth and final day of Ashtabanda Kalasha Pooja started at 5:30 am with Ganapathi Homam. This was followed